"There will be plenty of time to sleep once you are dead"

-Benjamin Franklin


My whole life I've thought "if I'm not making something, then what is there?"  During my southern childhood I painted and sewed and after school I went to my father's movie theatre.  For college I returned to Boston, graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a filmmaking major.  Finding a job in experimental filmmaking wasn't knocking at my door after my move to Northern California, so with my sewing skills I worked as a production manager at a dancewear company, where I learned a bit about the garment industry.  I also cycled.  So I started a cyclewear company.  But I wasn't happy.  I said to myself,  "is that all there is ...to the rag business?"

 I got a gig as an apprentice editor for a film that was shooting in the bay area and for the next 26 years worked in post production on feature films,  like "Total Recall", "Green Lantern", "Stomp the Yard".   I also continued to make my own films, producing and directing and editing.  But I wasn't happy.  I said to myself,  "Is that all there is... to the movie business?"  

3 years ago I was diagnosed with E.T.D., which basically means my hands shake, uncontrollably.  The good news is I no longer have an employee and I am challanging myself to see what I can MAKE with this disablility.  First item on the list was accomplished in 2015 with a 40 year retropective of my photography called "Sound And Vision."  My next hurdle I'm working on is pushing my limits with my painting. 

I hope you explore and enjoy this website.  It's always improving, or should I say, changing ...

Life is good if good choices are made.  I've chosen to do the best I can do today.



@2015 Teressa Longo